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From selecting, ordering and using our fine products it's our goal is to help you every step of the way.

If this is your first visit to Klassic Specialties, welcome to a website design with you in mind.

The best place to start is the "Finding Supplies for your Printer" system. (See the tab above.) This easy to use guide will help select your printer model from the thousands out there and display only the products that work with it.

An exclusive feature here at Klassic Specialties is the inclusion of printer's name with every product ordered via the "Finding Supplies for your Printer" system.  From the shipping invoice to future reordering, our system will remember to tie the printer's name with the product!  Very handy for ordering supplies for family, friends, kids away at school or office with multiple printers.

"Finding Supplies for your Printer" lets you include the printer's name with the each product ordered

"Catalog Search" will help narrow down the search of our large product catalog to just the right products for you.

Or, if you wish to browse our product catalog, please click on "Our Products."

Advantages of an On-Line Account:

Let us remember all the detail so you don't have to.   

The advantage to creating an on-line account with us is that we keep track of those hard to remember details about the stuff you need.  Some of these features are:

  • We remember your printers with our personalize Favorite Printer List.

  • Review past orders and reorder product with our exclusive reorder button.

  • Complete history (Hot List) of the latest products for quick reordering of supplies.

  • Access your account information from any computer just by login in.

  • More billing options. (on approval)

  • Multiple shipping address.

  • And much more!

Please click Create New Account in the Log-In section to create your account today!

(Please note that any information collect on the website is for internal use only.  We will not sell or give away any private information to outside companies.  Your trust is important to us.  Please read the personal information section under the company information tab.)

Basic Printing Guidelines

Looking for the right printer setting for one paper and media products? Please click here for the guide.

Transfer Paper Instructions

Please click here for help in making the perfect transfer.