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Transfer Paper Instructions

Now you can design and produce your own garments using your own images, photos, artwork, etc.. Klassic Specialties Transfer Paper has been specifically developed to accommodate a "Cool Release" process, providing a VIVID image reproduction directly from your computer and any standard Ink-Jet printer. The "Cool Release" process enhances image color and details not available in other products.

Suitable Textiles: Textiles of cotton or mix-fibers, white or pale pastel in color.


  • Insert Transfer Paper into your printer a single sheet at a time.
  • Print in mirror image (selectable option in the printer driver, or application software) onto the white side of the Ink-Jet Transfer Paper.
  • Set the printer driver at (Transparency Film, Glossy Film; Resolution - Econo/Normal or, 360/720 dpi) to achieve best print results.
  • Allow the ink to completely dry.
  • Cut out the printed image -- remove unnecessary edges.


  • Use a hard, smooth, stable surface (table, counter, etc..) A firm piece of cardboard can be placed over an ironing board to provide a firm surface.
  • Lay the fabric out smooth, place the Ink-Jet Transfer Paper, with the picture facing downward, on the fabric. Position the image exactly where it is to appear on the fabric.
  • Iron over the entire image (NO STEAM, maximum setting, approx. 180 degrees) applying firm pressure (about 30 seconds). Donít forget the edges and corners. (FOR PRESSES USE 350 degrees), for 15-20 SECONDS).
  • Let cool for one to two minutes, (comfortable to the touch). Remove the backing material slowly and evenly.



  • Do Not wash for 24 hours after ironing.
  • Turn fabric inside-out and machine wash in Cold water, NO bleach.
  • Dry under low temperature in dryer.
  • Do NOT dry-clean.
  • Do NOT iron the printed image directly - iron the reverse side of the fabric.